Saturday, February 20, 2010

rabbit angstrom is a prick.

so is holden caulfield. i know it's sacrilege, but it's true. i'm so over the "salinger mystique." i re-read catcher after his death, like thousands of us did, while in the midst of reading rabbit, run. yet a book that i REALLY love, franny and zooey, is hardly ever mentioned. it is by far, salinger's best work; intimate, intense and dreadfully uncomfortable. i suppose the same could be said for updike's series. but like salinger, i prefer updike's short stories and incredibly sentient literary criticisms and his beautiful essays (Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu is awesome! and i hate the red sox.)
don't get me wrong. i'm a huge fan of the anti-hero. i love richard yates, cheever, walker percy, and even richard ford. but all of these books are filled with characters, events, and literary detail that deserve thoughtful inquiry.
maybe it is my gender (and age) but i'm over the man-child.

i can only hope

this dog is named rupert pupkin.

image from petswhowanttokillthemselves.