Friday, December 28, 2007

why bother clothes

so i was glancing thru a catalogue, known for sheets and linens, which i love, then found a garment i really liked. thought, ooh, i kinda like that. description:
D. Mohair Sweater Coat (SALE)
Long on lightweight warmth, this long-sleeve silhouette is jersey-knit of fluffy mohair yarns. Open styling is fashionably simple with clean edges, wear it as an extra layer of coziness for cool days. By Eileen Fisher...
at that i stopped reading.
Ok. Eileen Fisher. Clothing i have always described as 'why bother" clothes. Clothes old fat women wear with chunky jewelry and a sense of their own entitlement. these women are those non-shaving, menopausal or post-menopausal bitches who cut in front of you in the frozen food section and are invariably wearing jie-normous sunglasses, so they've also had laser surgery, so you feel bad and let them go ahead, and silently judge their fashion choices, cause their ass has gotten so big that elastic just seems like the only choice. cause....why bother?
so, officially, i'm headed to why bother. my next choice will be a pair of mom jeans.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


so. here it goes. the beginning. i shall now begin to authorize and embellish a few things that i experience and could live without in writing. or at least in print. or more importantly in posterity. again, this is something i swore i would never do; like buying a cell phone, or saying i love you to a food item, or buying retail at talbotts, or using the wrong punctuation (i.e. see the semi-colon above), or eating off plates that are not white, or admitting that raymond carver may not have been as great a writer had it not been for gordon lish, or owning a car in new york (even in brooklyn when really, i was given the car in an estate, so give me a break... and it RULES!) , or stealing toilet paper when it fits in my bag, or washing silverware.
and the end....