Friday, January 30, 2009


this made my day. probably inappropriate for work. or just be careful with the volume. there are some "swear words".

Thursday, January 29, 2009

the new york hi-life.

spent the night at a swanky new york city restaurant (thank you new york publication that i cannot mention) with my friend "the reviewer". delicious. free. and yet challenging.
it's much more fun when you can sample the cuisine without feeling like you will be quoted the next day. it's kind of like a job. my most memorable quote, that i can remember: "dude, what is that? kind of looks like an idea for a david lynch film...but, i'll try it."

lessons of isolation. part 1

today i found myself having a conversation with myself (pro and con) regarding the merits of disposable pens. out loud.

anthro pro/con

although i have been known, on occasion, to anthropomorphize the animals in my life, i find it really disturbing to watch commercials that have talking animals, candies, cereal and fast food. i don't want to know that the dollar menu at mcdonald's have board meetings. i want to eat them, not think about what kind of snacks THEY might be eating...and don't even get me started on that talking dishwasher dispenser. gross.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


one of my most hated words. and one of my most hated subjects.
mine are very pretty, but i have spent a life in HATE of feet. therefore, i have developed an addiction to shoes: expensive, hand-crafted boots, manolos, fancy french thick-soled numbers, vintage sneakers, gucci loafers, artisan slippers, name it, i got the pair. half of which, i've never worn.
i have just spent the weekend working a "podiatry trade show" at the marriott marquis in times square. picked up the gig from a friend who said it was a "pretty easy job" to make some money.
it was a horror show. i was surrounded by fungal toes, flat feet, orthodics, foot surgery...
it was my job to be there and be blonde, have big boobs, and smile and maybe bring in some new business for some mri center. i spent the weekend being groped, fondled, and the recipient of the worst come-ons and passes since ford was in office.
i now have two standing dates: peter luger's and bemonte's. i just felt too guilty to turn these old guys down. because they will be dead within the year anyway.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my favorite facebook posting

during the inauguration:
"what's mr. potter doing there?"
hat tip: rich maxwell.

i heart new york

like most people, i spent this inaugural morning wiping off an anatomically correct penis-snow-sculpture from my car windshield.

Monday, January 19, 2009

my favorite actor

right now is Richard Jenkins.
just terrific in everything i've seen him in.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

marley and me

in the interest of the 12 step program, i must admit and apologize. i went to see it today. i read the book (i didn't pay for it...thank you brooklyn library) because my brother recommended it. i enjoyed the book because i lerve dogs. but i was not prepared for what happened today in the little suburban movie theater. maybe it was because i didn't get popcorn.
first of all, i apologize for tearing up at the opening credits. then i laughed and made all kinds of indiscernible sounds during the film. now i apologize to shindler's list for crying harder at the end of this film.
this is not a movie for children, most of whom were surrounding me. this is a movie about family and responsibility and the passage of time. and i didn't even hate jennifer anniston that much. i even started laughing in the middle of my weeping, because i was so self aware, and because the parents around me were trying to console and figure out how to un-traumatize their children. hilarious.
so, the worst marketing campaign ever for this film, but a must see for anyone who has loved a dog...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

worst ofs. 2008 edition...part one.

1. worst book i read, in entirety: netherland
2. worst book i tried to read before throwing it across the room: when you are engulfed in flames
3. worst restaurant: fiore, williamsburg
4. worst bar: the one across from my house
5. worst movie i paid to see: sex and the shitty
6. worst movie i snuck into (and walked out of): W
7. worst netflix: be kind rewind, 1408, shortbus
8. worst cable alternative:
9. worst food: still tarragon chicken
10. worst place to drink too many glasses of wine: 21 Club (see best of list)

best ofs. 2008 version...part one.

1. best book i read about an historical event i knew nothing about: The Given Day
2. best book i read about boogers: CRUST
3. best series of books i read written by a friend: Joe Pitt series and Hank Thompson series. (Shameless plug for new book here)
4. best restaurant: Salt, in baltimore's fells point area, serving the best duck fat fries i've ever eaten. a delicious way to stop your heart. (close second: walter foods)
5. best movie i paid to see in a movie theater: iron man. (a close second: rachel getting married)
6. best movie i snuck into: the diving bell.
7. best netflix: the foot fist way, bubble, joe strummer, the visitor, young at heart, the band's visit, planet earth, in bruges, the orphanage, the proposition, away from her, cool hand luke.
8. best cable alternative:
9. best food: joe's sauce (close second: momofuku pork butt)
10. best place i vacationed: truro
11. best place i worked: baltimore
12. best korean spa to go to on a budget in nyc: juvenex.
13. best place to accidentally take home a man's cashmere overcoat: 21 Club
14. best birthday celebration: mine