Tuesday, July 22, 2008

double feature review

thanks to the lax/we could give a shit staff, it's pretty easy to catch a few movies at the 34th street cineplex.
ps. spoiler alert.

1. wall-e:
totally was digging the first part of the movie. i really love big city ghost town movies. at the beginning. then everything always falls to shit. kept thinking this is a movie for adults. what kid would dig watching man's detritus and hello dolly on vhs? as soon as the e.t. lookin robot and his lady speedstick robot (although she also kind of looked like a travel size vibrator) moved up to the "big ship" it became a boring, trite treatise on man's insatiable consumption. but worse than that, it looked like an episode of jimmy neutron. it could have been that i was a bit perturbed by the guy sitting behind me who was either jerking off or kicking my seat repeatedly. rather than giving him the satisfaction of acknowledging him, i moved my seat halfway thru. i really showed him.
anyway, after we have seen the devastation on earth, the toxic dust clouds and storms, the lack of any moving water, except maybe toxic rain, the writer has all the fat jimmy neutrons, who by the way have lost their bone mass, fly back to earth. i'd be like, listen yo, can't we just get some calcium and an exercise bike on this ship?

2. batman deux.
ums, ok. was kind of looking forward to this one. and after my very easy transition into said movie, was settled in for some good old fashioned "blow that shit up."
well the "dark night" is a good moniker, for it looks like it was lit by a mag lite that's juice is running low. and what is it with the batman's voice? does batman have throat cancer? shouldn't he see someone about that? i mean, he's batman, he's gotta have insurance.
also, i have a hard time watching "the sad cartoon turtle"/maggie gyllenhaal since secretary. it's like watching paint dry. with bad posture.
the bloviated story line of anarchy/terrorism/fear mongering/invasion of civil rights felt like an episode of frontline.
don't get me wrong, lots of stuff got blowed up. but it just wasn't that much fun.
i'm all for dark, twisted storylines. but this was so convoluted that i could barely follow it. the best part of the movie was when the batcycle did a 180 at a wall.
ok, so now is the part where i'm supposed to say how fantastic heath ledger was. well, he was. mr. ledger was a gifted, smart, extremely talented actor. he shows his chops in this movie and he is the best thing in it.(except for that batcycle bit.) but i don't understand all the reviews that extol him for going "so dark." freddy krueger was dark. that dude from saw was dark. that spanish dude in pan's labyrinth was dark. they are all great performances. i think mr. ledger was doing his job well. and i think he should be remembered, albeit posthumously, for that. it is a shame that this movie left him, literally, hung out to dry.

suck it pbs' john adams

i know i've sent this to many of you. but i would like it to reach the masses. the reenactments are the best part.
hat tip to emma for sending it my way.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

mia review

so, to escape the heat e and i went to the atlas park mall to check it out. you could not pay me to stay away from this movie. been jonzed for weeks. i lerve meryl. and i lerve mr. darcy. (you pride and prej and b.j.d. fanz know what i'm talkin'bout)
so here are my thoughts:
1. it was directed by a third grader.
2. the daughter is 20. so, that means roughly born in 1988. what up with the 70's popstar outfits? and i'm pretty sure all the "adults" are late 50's+.
3. don't sit in handicapped seats to a sold out movie. the trailers are way tense when you're waiting to get thrown out by granny and a cane. (we ended up sitting on the floor)
4. the first third of movie is cringe-worthy. it's like watching/hearing your parents fart at your high school graduation. really loudly.
5. totally grew on me after james bond started singing dreadfully. then fell in love with it.
6. mr. darcy is a gay.
7. i will never be able to watch breaking the waves again.
8. everyone made an ass out of themselves. but they did it without looking miserable. except christine baranski.
9. cried. and cried some more.
10. great to see an actress who can't really sing, emote so beautifully in "the winner takes it all." she got all meryl on my ass.
11. the ending was genius. everyone was singing in the audience. even granny with the cane.

my fav new post.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

more free stuff

you've heard me rave about the folks at hulu.com. now check out snagfilms.com
tons of free documentaries. could be awesome!
who needs cable? not me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

does health insurance cover machete attacks?

welcome to my neighborhood. won't you be my neighbor?

mad wo(men)

for those of you who enjoy "mad men", here is the original female version. HOT!
cigarettes and cocktails for dayz. hats, gloves, and improbably cinched waists. suicide and miscarriages. joan crawford in a performance so soaked with vodka you can smell her thru the screen. hope lang, minus the professor. louis jordan, for christ's sake.
what else can i say, it has the best of everything.

you can check it out free on hulu.com

Monday, July 7, 2008

why i don't give out my number. vol. 1

ok. dimitri is real. he's canadian and i listened to a radio program with him. and he is a douche.
but very entertaining.
this is an audio clip. stick with it til the end.


an oldie but a greatie. can't stop listening to this monumental album...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

new name?

why are these called "kitty litter stations"? can't we just call them "crap shacks"?


i loved this article in today's times.
i once bought a very expensive bike lock there and while i was waiting in line i found a 20 dollar bill stuck in the mishmash at the checkout counter. it might not have been considered art, but it was genius.

the end. of an era.

i love to throw parties. spend weeks preparing.
had my annual 4th of july party. knew that the view from the roof would not be as great as it has been over the last few years due to construction on union. still, i thought we would have a great vantage point for optimal fireworks viewing.
after an early set up in the afternoon to set up table, etc. on the roof, i went down to prepare the evenings nourishments and put my face on. cut to 6 pm trip to roof to set up flag tablecloth, candles, chairs, etc... find door bolted and padlocked. party to start in one hour. what does a gracious party hostess do after she has planned this for weeks? anxiety attack. after many attempts to get lock off (thanks SL!) and several vodka tonics later, found a way to get roof access around the other corner entrance to building. all guests were good sports. fireworks ensued. yet, hostess was gripped by sadness and loss of times gone by. yes, change is good. all part of life and that shit. but even the fireworks were disappointing. think that's it for roof parties. thank god for a junior miss tape (thanks em!) and blueberry pie (thanks jw!).